401(k) Workshop


Does your 401(k) feel like a nauseating,
winding road?

Is your 401(k) working for or against you?

Pensions are a thing of the past. Now your 401(k) or other retirement account is your way to a comfy, cozy retirement.

But unlike pensions, 401(k)s aren’t just “set-it” and “forget-it.” Their success is largely driven by you. This would be fine if 401(k)s were easy to navigate, but they’re complicated, difficult to understand, and may have some major problems:

  • Investments that aren’t aligned with your need to build wealth
  • Excessive fees eating into your investment returns
  • Inappropriate levels of investment risk
  • Insufficient contributions to meet your retirement needs

These and other issues are why so few people are actually prepared to retire.

It’s time to get your 401(k) working for you.

The 401(k) Workshop provides greater clarity to your retirement account and helps optimize its wealth building potential.



  • Review your financial goals and values

  • Assess how much investment risk you're willing to accept

  • Review your existing or new 401(k) or other retirement account

  • Discuss your investment options and strategies

  • A clear, customized 401(k) Workshop Review with actionable tasks

  • A follow-up phone call to discuss your review, answer your questions, and help implement any suggested changes


$300-$600 One-Time Fee
(depending on complexity and number of accounts)