some things about me

  • I won "Most Improved" in Middle School P.E., but humbly decided not to ascend the higher echelons of athletic fame and glory.
  • I'm a fee-only advisor, MBA graduate, husband, and father.
  • I'm a fiduciary, which means I must act in the best interest of my clients.
  • I don't sell insurance products or "hot" stocks. I'm not looking for a young real estate apprentice with the promise of "$200K a month." I simply help families build wealth by making smart decisions with their money.

some things about you (or clients like you)

  • You have a good paying job with money to invest and years to save.
  • You have loved ones who do or will yet depend on you and your money, now and in the future.
  • You have competing financial priorities without a clear vision of where to start.
  • You are frustrated and confused about how to save for retirement:
    • How much?
    • Which investments?
    • Which types of accounts are best to use?
    • How do I balance conflicting financial priorities?
    • How do I know I've earned enough money for retirement?

As your fee-only financial advisor, I'll help bring clarity to these and other questions. 
Let's get going.