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How a Young Family (With Kids) Quit Their Jobs to Spend a Year in Ecuador

“You are so lucky!” is the common refrain when others hear about the adventure my family is on. But was it actually luck?We are currently eight months into our one-year family adventure in Ecuador, connecting as a family through adventure and the unknown.

My girls have been attending school taught completely in Spanish. Michelle and I have also been learning Spanish as well as working on personal side projects. Our family has traveled to fascinating places including high mountains, desert beaches and deep Amazonian jungles. We are truly having the experience of a lifetime.

Becoming Wealthy is Simple, But Not Easy

The Millionaire Next Door describes the financial habits of thousands of millionaires surveyed across the U.S. The findings of the book were mind blowing, as they showed a trend of everyday people becoming millionaires through rudimentary ways. For instance, many of them were very frugal, living in middle class residential neighborhoods even though they could afford to live in more posh surroundings.