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Understanding the Tax Game, Part 1 - The Cashflow Quadrant

I love the film Hoosiers. Not just because it’s a great Cinderella story, but because it has so many great lessons to be learned. Lessons about the values of fundamentals.

The basketball coach in the film is a relentless fundamentalist of the game. For example, he obsesses over his players making “three passes!” before anyone takes a shot. This is initially met with outcry from the fans and rebellion from the team, but as the film progresses the coaches commitment to the fundamentals wins his team over…all the way to the championship.

I’ve been thinking recently about some of the fundamentals of another game—the tax game. Few of us actually look at taxes as a game (rather, a complete headache), but the game becomes much easier—perhaps even fun—when the principal rules are understood.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be a Business Owner

This is the continuation of an article from two weeks ago titled 5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Business Owner. I promised at the end of that article to share some thoughts on the downsides of business ownership. So here we go.

A year or two before I started Hale Financial, I came across an article with what I thought was the greatest (and most terrifying) headline ever: “Forget Starting a Business, Kid. Just Go Work for a Company.” The author went on to explain all the horrible things he experienced when starting a company and why he’d never do it again.

5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Business Owner

It’s been almost two years since I started Hale Financial Solutions. What an incredible journey I’ve had as a business owner! Owning a business certainly comes with its challenges, but there are some incredible benefits as well. You might liken it to Charles Dickens’ token phrase from A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

But I must admit, the good times feel really good when running your own company.