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5 Financial Tips for Starting 2019 On The Right Foot

A happy 2019 to you all.

I hope last year was a great one for you, and that you’re looking forward to this new year, with the chance for new beginnings. I love starting fresh with the opportunity to set new goals and priorities.

To that end, I’d like to share 5 financial tips worth considering as you think about how you might want to tune-up your financial life this year. These are just suggestions, but in the many financial conversations I’ve had with others, these five points hit on resolving some of the biggest financial concerns I hear when I talk with others.

I hope you enjoy my latest (and first!) post of 2019.

Where Do Your Kids Fit In Your Financial Plans?

When Eleanor joined our family, we had a lot of financial things to consider. How will having a child impact our budget? Which expenses would increase or be new? (Some answers: food, health insurance, and diapers, diapers, diapers).

In my planning mind the bigger question was how were our financial priorities changing? Kellie and I started thinking about saving for Eleanor’s schooling through a college savings plan. But did saving for Eleanor’s college trump or impede our other financial priorities?

Regardless of what stage your family is in (growing, maturing, or empty-nesting) it’s important to think about the financial implications of these different stages even if they feel far down life’s road.

Doing so can help you anticipate the changes that will inevitably come and make better financial preparations for the future.

Why You Should Stay Away From Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Financial products come in a wide variety of “flavors.” With life insurance, you can get coverage that is very plain vanilla, like a fairly simple term or whole life policy, or you can add layers and layers of nuanced features--as with Indexed Universal Life Insurance, or IULs. But my experience with IULs has taught me that the devil is in the details.

Here is a quick rundown of IULs and why you should stay away from them.

How to Prioritize Your Finances by Understanding Your Values

Conflicting priorities are at the heart of much of our everyday lives. We have a long list of things we know we should get done, but with limited time, resources, and energy. Unfortunately, family finances often fall to the bottom of the list.

This is a problem because our own financial picture and family goals probably look different than someone others. As a result, we need take steps to make sure our own goals are getting done, and in the right order.

As you think about how to prioritize your own financial decisions, here are some guidelines to consider.

What's the Difference Between Term and Permanent Life Insurance?

Life insurance isn’t the most thrilling topic, but there are many tragic stories of a family’s breadwinner passing away, with no life insurance in place to speak of. If you’re smart, you’ll do all you can to have at least some protection for you or your spouse, and perhaps both.

But what kind of life insurance is right for you? Knowing which type of life insurance to purchase usually starts with the discussion or two basic types of life insurance: term insurance and permanent insurance.