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How to Prioritize Your Finances by Understanding Your Values

Conflicting priorities are at the heart of much of our everyday lives. We have a long list of things we know we should get done, but with limited time, resources, and energy. Unfortunately, family finances often fall to the bottom of the list.

This is a problem because our own financial picture and family goals probably look different than someone others. As a result, we need take steps to make sure our own goals are getting done, and in the right order.

As you think about how to prioritize your own financial decisions, here are some guidelines to consider.

How to Build an Emergency Fund That Makes Money Too!

It’s not glamorous or financially “sexy,” but finances rarely are. I’m talking about the less appealing elements of building a sound financial plan. For most families the first action item is to build an emergency fund.

The drill is fairly straightforward, but building an emergency fund is often reliant on manually moving money from each paycheck into a separate checking or savings account...with a rock-bottom interest rate. By month’s end, a meager 20 cents of interest has trickled into your account. Yipee.

In this post I’ll tell you how to build an emergency fund more successfully and how to earn much more interest on your savings, while still keeping your emergency fund safe and accessible.

Want Greater Financial Peace of Mind? Sock Away More Cash

“Cash is king,” the popular saying goes. Of course, some also say that holding cash--rather than investing it--is money wasted. Which is it? Recent research suggests that we’re probably asking the wrong question.

When considering what cash really does for us, the research points to a greater value which may not be as obvious: Having a greater amount of cash savings actually increases one’s overall life satisfaction and financial well-being in a really big way.