Is There Any Such Thing as "Good Debt"?

In my Financial Essentials class, Week 2 often covers the topic of debt. It starts with a conversation about compounding interest, and how this “Eighth Wonder of the World” can either hurt you or help you through “good” or “bad” debt.

But a recent conversation with a friend has me thinking: Is there really any such thing as good debt for the typical family?

I’d like to discuss two forms of debt which we gladly justify--or label as “good debt”--and for a moment take a contrarian view as to why these commonly accepted forms of good debt may not be so great.

5 Pointers for Every First-Time Homebuyer

I recently wrote a blog post about the costs of homeownership. These costs are real and should be strongly considered by any homeowner.

But if you’re just starting on the path to buying your first home, there’s even more to consider. Despite what HGTV might portray, the homebuying process is not easily condensed into a 20-minute episode. Before leaping into the fray, here are 5 tips that every first-time homebuyer should try putting into action.